What is Commercial Check Cashing?
Answer: Commercial Check cashing is a financial service for a business which allows business owners to access their funds immediately as opposed to waiting for their check to clear at a bank.

Commercial Check Cashing offers quick, convenient and affordable solutions for businesses seeking immediate cash.
What types of checks do we cash?
Answer: Checks payable to your business
Why use a Check Cashing service?
Answer: There are many advantages that Check Cashing and other financial service businesses have over banks and other traditional financial institutions.

Some of these advantages include.
  1. Convenient hours of operation,
    usually open earlier and later than banks
  2. Quick access to cash
  3. No holds on your checks
  4. No Lines
  5. Great Customer Service
  6. Low fees
Banks may also limit the amount of cash they will give to a customer on a per day basis.

If you own a small business, you are well aware of the limitations that banks have on servicing your cash needs.
Who uses Commercial Check Cashing?
Answer: Small- medium size business owners whom suffer from cash flow problems as a result of banks placing holds on their funds.
How much does it cost to cash a check?
Answer: The fee to cash a Commercial Checks is negotiable as there is no set rate established by the New York State Banking Department.

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